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I'm slightly disappointed that you decided to feature Naruto AGAIN but I can't really blame you, Naruto sells. I'm sure I'll enjoy the issue anyway and I've been looking forward to the Shokotan interview a lot.

When you edit a magazine, one of the first things you learn is that some people will give you static no matter what you put on the cover. So you might as well go with something that will sell like crazy and bring in lots of readers. Like Naruto.

While I personally would have liked to see a Black Lagoon cover, there was presumably no available images in which Revy's colossally unattractive tattoo was not visible. The Ethereal Caste then decided that for the Greater Good the best way to get people reading about GOLDIONNNNN HAMMERRRRRRR was by way of Konoha village.

Perhaps when Black Lagoon Season 3 rolls around there will be some sort of artwork of Revy looking to the right in profile. Then we could make a magazine cover where she's looking to the right and the villain dude from Demon City Shinjuku was looking to the left, with the caption reading REVY VS REBI! The unbridled power of a magazine from the future containing both Black Lagoon AND Demon City Shinjuku is unimaginable.

OR IS IT? Since this next issue contains a Hideyuki Kikuchi interview plus a review of Second Barrage, as the Robotech song goes "the future is now"!


Oh you

Daryl's GaoGaiGar piece is worth the price of admission alone.

They'll come for the Naruto. They'll come for the GaoGaiGar.

They'll stay for the Aria.

I love how it's sandwiched between Toward the Terra and Overman King Gainer on the cover. It should have been juxtaposed with New Fist of the North Star, though.

Old school to new school with every weird thing in-between...

I am glad that Overman King Gainer is getting some love. It has its flaws but I enjoyed the heck out of it.

Now if only some forward thinking company would license Xabungle.

Can't wait to get this in the mail. So glad I subscribed.

Where is Mike Toole posting or podcasting these days?

Mike just did an amazing video version of his Dubs That Time Forgot panel over at ANN-TV. A total must-see, even if only for the theme song for The Amazing Three.


If anything, keeping up with the practice of putting a mainstream shonen title on the cover will draw in more casual people and blow their minds (in a good way)


Mike Toole's panels are always a treat and ANN is awesome for letting him do some on their streaming video service.

What's that website of that Tokyo dvd they advetise in the mag?

Sorry I read the issue at a newstand and didnt buy cuz some pages were torn! ^_^

I think you're talking about http://tokyology.tv/
Hope that helps!

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