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The most beautifullest thing in this world, I love you all the time forever.

how you doin'? good lookin' broads. a bit OT..what's all this "men's egg" stuff. is that some sort of japanese version of Stuff or Maxim mags?

PM don't you live in Roppongi?
Do you know the bartenders by name at the A:ma club...?

FYI: Mieri > Mika > Maika > Kanari

This is from STUDIO VOICE, not men's egg.
I used to live in Kichijoji, but my new apt. is in Musashi Kogane. Not much of a Roppongi guy here...and the A:ma club is a hair salon!

hey, i'm just a yankee doodle. my knowledge of japanese hair salons and their names are limited.

roppongi - i was crackin' wise (hard to read in text). only thing i know about Rop. is it's suppose to be the equivalent to bev hills or something ritzy. I'm going out on a limb (not really) but you don't seem the type for those neighborhoods.

There has never been a good yakuza movie set in Roppongi.

would that be the equivalent to..."The Melrose Place Mob" or "Bel-Air Bloods"?

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