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Do those American otaku have any idea who those artificially-endowed elderly ladies are?

Read 'em and weep...

I actually saw this picture getting taken, as I was on the escalator. See, they decided to pose for this shot right next to the escalators...thus making it impossible to actually get to them.

Wait until ANN posts the video of their "Q&A" panel, in which all of the people in the audience with questions are obviously planted. Good thing I left Gerald in there to fend for himself, otherwise I'd have just started yelling out crap. At which point I'd have been thrown out by their entourage of bodyguards, who physically shoved unsuspecting congoers out of their way to clear a path.

Of every person I asked at the convention, not a single person besides EE "Doc" Finnegan had even a shred of respect for the Kano sisters.

Where was the respect? It was in my head as I was thinking "Patrick Macias approves of this action" when I bought Bohachi Bushido. That's where.

It really only matters what Steve Harrison thinks of this pic. I don't know why, but I've gots to know...

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