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I could only watch about a minute of this before it made my teeth hurt...

I should have taken this video freezing up Firefox when I first tried it as a sign...


As soon as i started watching it, it made me think of this...


Well, no matter which way things go for them, Nippon can still do it the way it loves to do it best.. in unison!

Oh look, it's this year's version of YATTA!

To their credit, these singers can carry a tune better than most seiyuu seem to these days. They should give Aya Hirano some lessons. Are these guys goofy, fourth-rate celebrities like most Japanese game show people?

I would like to know why they're called Aladdin The Second

Oh god. They were playing this ON LOOP in Yamagata denki the other day, while I searched in vain to find a keyboard for less then ¥4000.

Did everyone start singing and dancing?

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