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Surprisingly i have not seen this film. (i'm embarrassed) Even though it is available for download on the xbox 360. i'll get it someday, but i'm really a stickler for my yakuza eiga's w/ original lang. and english subs. Not that butchery american shite.

"the most frigtening character ever brought to the screen"?? huh? was this guy on dust when he wrote that?

kudos to the overblown classic synops write up though.

I actually wrote a letter to New Line Home Video demanding a widescreen release after their pan and scan VHS. I guess I had more time on my hands back in the LD era. This shit is on the Xbox? Get it now and watch it with some Sapporo tallboys. It's fucking funny as shit. I really oughta change my gamer tag name to Bud Sugawara...

Hell start a line of Buds.

Bud Chiba for starters.

hells bells, that's blowing my mind. How VERY '70s, that poster art on the sleeve.

Note in tiny lettering the Family Home Entertainment connection. From the guys who gave us all the classics like the Ziv-produced Space Pirate Captain Harlock tape...

I love that cover however. That needs to be a tee shirt or some shit. or...POSTERS! DUDE! ALL OVER AWA!

I keep waiting for Daniel Zelter to come out and make a crack about New Line Cinema.

sugawara's back playing gangsters again; anyone actually seen chi-kyu by eiji uchida, which came out very recently?

Be it Kaiju or Yakuza Eiga, I've definitely grown impatient in my ol' age. English dubs are atrocious (although funny), never the less, ATROCIOUS.

I guess a few gallons of Sapporo's could make that experience more pleasurable.

SH - those posters are a dime a dozen...
PM - I assume New Line took your demands lightly...shame.

Hopefully a buccaneer will rally a proper release.

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