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Gimme the long and short of how awesome it is, please.

Extremely. Player 1 is Rambo. 2 is Col. Trautman. Shit is based around Rambo 3 mostly with lots of Dragon's Lair style interaction with movie footage. You do some stealth. Some button mashing. And some explosive tip arrows. No footage from First Blood or Rambo 4. His hair looks like a dirty mop. It blows my mind that this game only now just came out...

"Do we get to win this time?"

That second picture just confirms my stereotyping that chicks are not genetically pre-disposed to playing with guns. She clearly has no clue which end the bullet comes out of while the guy next to her, he's ready to ROCK AND ROLL!

And Patrick looks like he was mowing them down, where's your Rambo headband, bro?

Dammit I miss video game arcades.

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