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Oh wow, that sounds like it was fucking awesome. I am totally envious man.

"the Lolitas are all head banging." GAH! Video of that would be priceless!

"empty birdcages and wreaths of dying rose vines" So awesome... (T_T)

The mental image of rows of headbanging lolitas is amazing.

Off to check out the Reuters pics.

So this is what happens when cosplay meets pret-a-porter?

Well, no, not exactly. Cosplay is something associated with anime and manga and SF cons. This all comes from someplace else. The girls are very strict about not being lumped in with the otaku no seikai, and consequently so am I when I'm visiting their part of town.

I found your site looking for the Individual Fashion Expo, you should check Mainichi's report about this event and more interesting pictures here http://mainichi.jp/enta/mantan/graph/manga/20080923/

V-cool. Thanks for the link. I'll try and match up the pictures to this post when I come back to my senses.

Update: Crumbs! I can't save pics or hot link from the Mainichi site. Sometimes the Internet sux.

Excellent writeup! I posted style snaps of the Lolitas who attended the show at www.lacarmina.com


Wonderful report. I'm looking forward to reading the next part. I especially admire your respect for the scene and the event. I love the collision of high fashion and youth culture. Honest enthusiasm seems too rare these days, so I'm always glad to see it.

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