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MAN! Namechecked AGAIN! I can't handle the stress!

But you know, you guys should have probably reported that bag of fluid to the station authorities. Maybe it was innocent, maybe it was just a cushion designed to help with the product, or maybe it was some Yakuza drop and was a bag full of liquid meth or some crap...but to just keep and and play with it, dudes... in this day and age that's some risk.

Of course, being a couple of stinking gaijin, you probably would have gotten beaten up and left for dead on some beach or something. Or turned into Kamen Riders.

I gotta get to one of these events.

Good stuff as usual.

Opening and ending song info please, you need to start including these by default, Thanks.

>>you need to start including these by default, Thanks.

But the mystery is part of the fun!

opening -
I Wonder - Outrageous Cherry (

closing -
On Planets When I was Young - The Brotherhood of Lizards

I cant type for shit in this manga kissa

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