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Huh. Half.com had the Yamato Eternal Edition releases? Wonder whose stock they were buying that got them that?

anyway, looks like the entire Yamato EE line has 'timed out' (the license to produce having expired in 2002), and my main source, CDJapan, doesn't even list them anymore.

(note to Patrick, CDJapan needs to be an advertiser in OtakuUSA, someone from sales should contact them)

It seems demand for Yamato CDs are on the rise, prices are getting sick for some releases on Yahoo!Japan auctions. Is this by chance what the writer means by "Japan won't ship to my address"?

The best cure is to find a third party agent to bid on auctions for you, such as Celiga. It does cost money (i.e. that CD you won for $10 will end up costing closer to $35-40 after fees and shipping), but aside from a modern day Admiral Perry steaming into Tokyo Harbor with a new 'Black Fleet', it's the only way to crack that somewhat xenophobic wall.

Otherwise, haunt the major conventions and look to see if...well, dunno what Eldon uses as a company name now but he used to sell under Digital Discs (and before that Laser Perceptions) is a seller there. If there's any Yamato CDs still in his inventory he'll bring them along.

OTOH, there's something tickling in the back of my head that we're past due for another reissue of various Yamato CDs by Columbia. I have no idea what they would do THIS time, but I'll probably end up getting them anyway because, man, I have no choice. I'm ADDICTED, baby! :)

Hope that helps, maybe Tim, or someone else has a better idea.

I have to say, it's pretty rare to see the Eternal editions even in the second-hand market in Japan. I always check when in Akihabara or Nakano. You can still find the 999 and Harlock ones, but people are sitting on those Yamatos. Glad I got the Be Forever and Final ones when I did.


Haha. Fu*in Price!

Fko-sun...that is NOT the Nice Price!

I recommend googling them by title or serial number (you can find them all at starblazers.com thanks to Superfan Steve Harrison) in the various discography articles.

If anyone has them listed on a US site, that will get you there. Heck, even plain old Amazon.com lists imports like those once in a while.

I occasionally see a stray volume at the Book-off stores here; one in Los Angeles, one in Costa Mesa, and one in Rolling Hills. Pretty sure there's one in New York as well. They're probably all listed online somewhere. Might do mail-order.

Good ruck!!

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