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This is probably your best post title, ever.

Man, I love that song.

I can't remember what the exact deal was, but the Gundam movie special editions (same edit, redone sound in 5.1) CUT OUT THAT SONG from the ending of Gundam III, thus completely ruining the emotional payoff of the entire saga.

Tomino really is, as he likes to say, "the Japanese George Lucas."

I know :(

I've only ever seen that version, and it saddens me greatly. IIRC, they cut out a lot of those great insert songs... I need to track down the original edits, somehow. I bet they only exist on VHS and super rare LD...

Big shock: they're all on YouTube.

Char Vs Amuro, White Base Blows Up, and they play our song (but start around 5:55 if you just wanna get back to where you were):

Original Ending Credits

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