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I just want to state for the record that the top pic fairly well represents Patrick's everyday appearance when he's here in Tokyo.

So much awesomeness here. I bow to Sugawara-san.

That looks like hella fun.

This film has it all! It's everything a nut could want in an over the top gangster film.

this film should be in everyone's dvd rotation. if you don't have it. Get it! can't afford it. Steal!

the bunta "wailing" seen is NOT to be missed.

pm - where are you hiding all this Bunta goodness. why waste your time with "non-bunta" posts?


I've been living on the run for the last 3 years with some of my stuff in storage, some in Tokyo, and some here in SF. Finally starting to make sense of my yakuza eiga inventory and Bunta is deep on the brain. I spent about an hour this morning digging for my collection of Bunta, Ando, and Tamba bromide pics and no dice. Still, there's about 300 other things to scan in the meantime...

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