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OK, since we're now at the point where people will stop using me for pullquotes and pithy content for their own blogs and such, I feel the need to say this loud and clear, and everyone, and that means YOU, pay attention to this.

1. This article is now part of the template within the media. The next time some schlub gets the idea to write about those goofy cartoons from Japan, this article will be on the TOP OF THE PILE, and EVERYTHING is considered factual, and truth. Doesn't matter what we comment to, doesn't matter if buried deep on the site there's a correction, none of that matters. This is part of the template on anime now, and forever.

2. It's really gonna hurt Patrick's street cred out there. For every one sane post that points out that he was misquoted and taken out of context (MSNBC? sloppy work like that? NAaaaa, no way) there's twenty lambasting him for being a clueless idiot. and not just the Ameriotaku (weeaboos) but from people i would figure know better.

Might this just be a wildfire that will burn itself out over the course of the weekend? I don't know. But I look to history, I look how stupid and insignificant things get turned into something that ends a career, and I just think there needs to be some more proactive countering on this, ok?

Just sayin'.

Street cred, he says. I can always sell oranges by the Freeway exit if I need it.

Oranges Poranges, who says!

You can't do the street corner thing, I need you to captain one of the new Black Ships I intend to sail into Tokyo Harbor....

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