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I picked up some of the Japan Post commemorative Gachaman stamps that came out a few years ago. Never thought I'd see the day that Gachaman was on my envelopes...

That totem-pole-like stack of images is a tower of power.

That Columbia audio system looks AWESOME!

Probably sold here under the Denon label....

Damn, where do you get these old magzines? I'm supremely jealous.

At the new Mandarake in Akihabara. 210 yen is all it cost. I spend more than that yesterday on lunch.

There's actually a better deal in Jinbocho area.Like here.

And here.

Talk about old mags,I recommend you all to get the "old"Japanese edition of STARLOG magazine(edited by the good people of Tsurumoto Room,Not the one recently died)
which has tons of 70's and early 80's Japanese sci-fi infos.

Hey Aceface, I have one or two Japanese Starlogs from the class of '78. Amazing crazy graphic design and SF-crazed contents. A huge influence on the Eiga Hiho guys. But the US Starlog kicked an equally tremendous amount of ass around the same time; albeit minus Star Godzila...

Old J-Starlog had some weird vibe throughout the whole pages and I can only think Eiga of HI-HO as the equivalent.

One thing different is those days were the golden days of SFX films in the U.S and Sci-fi novels/mangas in Japan(You could read Terasawa Buichi's "COBRA" on weekly basis.Imagine that.)But now we are living in the time that movies are't as interesting as it used to be.That's why the finest articles on Eiga HI-HO are always about nostalgia.Back in the times of STARLOG,every issue was something completely new and fantastic and I'd assume the power of the magazines comes directly from the excitement of the editors themselves.
I say the internet and computer graphics had killed all of our expectation in the genre and that's why the revived STARLOG couldn't survive along with bad designs.
(BTW,it was EIGA HI-HO that I learned the name "Patrick Macias".But at first,I didn't believe that you actually exist,since the writing style of Japanese translations had too much resemblance with that of Machiyama Yomohiro and you knew just too much about Showa subculture for a Californian!)

Anyway,looking back in retrospective,the decline of J-STARLOG had coincided with the rise of Anime and Scif-fi fans have traded their places with anime otakus....

One of these days I will watch all 105 episodes of Science Ninja Team Gatchaman. Those character designs are just so INTENSE.

I'm sure one factor in the death of Japanese Starlog was the fact that they didn't joyfully embrace the Yamato boom.

Oh, sure, that Star Wars thing was still hot, and there was all manner of stuff coming from America, but it's a proven fact that if you were a 'fan' magazine in 1978 and you did NOT pimp for Arrivederci,Yamato, you were lame-ass.

American Starlog failed to embrace anime in any significant way and...are they still around? I don't know, I don't even look for it on the shelf. But then again, they fell apart in the '80s when they changed hands, became MUCH more impressed with the sister pub Fangoria and all the old hands left.

Presenting the never-held 1978 Animage Grand Prix Awards!

Favorite Anime Title: Space Battleship Yamato: The Clips Movie Coasting on the TV Show's Popularity

Favorite Anime Episode: Zambot 3, Episode 23: "The One Where Everyone Dies"

Favorite Male Character: Hyuma Hoshi (Star of the Giants)

Favorite Female Character: Fujiko Mine (Lupin III)

Favorite Male Seiyuu: Akira Kamiya

Favorite Female Seiyuu: Megumi Hayashibara (retroactive)

Favorite All-Time Anime Title: Dinosaur War Aizenborg

Thanks for the memories, Todd!

Favorite All-Time Anime Title: Dinosaur War Aizenborg


My favorite is 恐竜探検隊ボーンフリー.

And I used to have this toy.Shame no one makes toy like this no more...

Great stuff. I love how that sneaker style is back in Nike, Puma, and Asics/Onitsuka Tigers shoes. 2008 IS 1978.

By the way, in which issue was the 1978 Animage GPA mentioned?

I don't know.

Thanks for the easy & quick answer...

So, the 1978 Animage GPA was just a piece of lie (although I really wanted to believe it)...

I feel sorry for those people posting such comments...

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