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I feel at least 30% more manly just looking at these pics. BCI/NAVARRE! Box set of the Truck Yaro! movies if you please!

hope i look as cool as he does when i lose my temper (minus the crewcut).

great title song.

BCI would never do something super cool like that. we're stuck with lousy boots and non-subbed R2's. Distros are blind and deaf.

pm - i'd like another helping of Bunta please.

I want his jacket...

Truck Yaro blouses his pants like a paratrooper, and there's nothing David Schwimmer can do about it.

To this day I have never seen Truck Yaro, but I hope that Bunta Sugawara is referred to IN FILM as "Truck Yaro." Like, I want that to be his name, much like Jean-Claude van Damme's name in Timecop is, by all rights, "Timecop."

His name in the series is Ichiban-boshi AKA the first star. But yeah, he should be named "Truck Yaro" the way that Riki Takeuchi should be named "The Pachinko Game Drifter"

"His name in the series is Ichiban-boshi AKA the first star."

Oh,No.That's the name of his truck.
His name in the series is Hoshi Momojiro.

Thnx for setting me straight, Aceface!

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