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I'm just gonna sit here and weep deeply over this vision of mad pop culture touchstones and know the end of times is near. Then I'm gonna sit down and read Gravity's Rainbow until it makes sense.

Or maybe I'll go out and just get drunk.

Stupid drunk.

New category: Pop Deculture.

Gotta say, I'm a little bit more thrilled by the Goten-go than the Queen Emeraldas, but yes, I will weep hot tears of shame that I want them both.

That Desslar ship is not so good however. I think they went with the Playstation design with the evil looking mad angles and stuff.

And I need an Ultraman on a cross. I need to build a shrine around that.

Actual footage of crucified Ultra Bros. here:

Oh honorable Harrison-samma, I must confess that the Desslar ship pic was stretched out ever-so slightly to fit the size of the rest of the pics. It looked quite a bit cooler, and more anime-accurate, in real life. Plus, the whole thing is made out of solid die-cast! Are you sold yet, or wat?

Needless to say Ultraman Ace has been my favourite of the series and the picture suddenly taken me back to my days watching the re-run on 5 o'clock in the morning in 1979!

The name of the planet where Ultra bros.are being crucified is Planet "Golgotha" and the name of the monsters fighting along with "Ace Killer" is "Barabbas".
I was actually surprised when I read the new testament years later in the U.S that it somewhat resembles one of the episode of Ultraman Ace....


The Ultrafans seem to be divided into two camps: staunch fundamentalists who hate everything after Kaettekita Ultraman, and those willing to give most everything else at least a try. I guess I'm in the latter camp, although Taro is kind of a pain. Love the first two stormy episodes of Leo tho, although I've heard some complain, "he's not even from M-78!" thus negating the hard work of many men in rubber suits.

Solid die-cast has its points, but man, at the kind of price I expect it would end up being (over $200, easy. ) it should SHOOT and light up and stuff.

Picture doesn't seem THAT stretched, given the box and how it all seems.

If money was not an issue, I'd buy EVERYTHING man. But since I am broke-ass, I can be picky. :)

As to Ultraman, I think just the first series and Ultra Seven is all I really need. The Franchise has always seemed to go insane goofy the more it went on. OTOH, that whole thing with Ace Killer seems tres intense.

BCI/Navarre, get on it! MORE ULTRAMAN! MORE LIVE ACTION! How about Greenman/Godman? Short episodes for the short attention span of the AmeriOtaku!

rant rant knapsack of rant

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