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The pants and shirt combined with the tiny chair/stool being sat on at what appears to be a 45 degree angle make that picture truly grandiose. I'd walk into the embassy to snag a copy for myself if not for the fact that I think armed guards demand to see your passport before you can set foot inside one of them, if Matt Damon action movies are anything to go by.

Shirt by Takeo Kikuchi, pants by 5351 Pour Les HOMMES.

Akiba shops have many foreign employee.I've met a few Bengal,Pakistani,Mongolian,Brazillian,Burmese and lots and lots of Chinese and Korean.

Those are some shiny, shiny pants, man. Worthy of a X-seijin.

Yeah, I was gonna say "Damn, dems sum shiny pants" as well, but someone beat me to it. Or them. Yeah.

Since you're from cali, are you representing the silver & black in that photo?

fyi - i hate the f'n raiders and the black hole. the game today was FIXED!!!!!...

...god kicks me.

The pants are much less silver off-line than they are in that pic. Not much of a sports fan here, but I was digging on the Raiders logo the other day. I like.

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