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great, i'm jealous and a self-absorbed geek

haha! I checked the IP on that last snippy comment. It's from Plano, TX which means it's totally one of the Those sAD boys...

Bossog sounds like Eggbert.

Shit! Arcade Mania! does not come out in the US until Jan 2009.

Don't they know about the Xmass season as good for books.

As far as length and number of guests, this is probably the most epic Hot Tears of Shame ever.

However, I still think best episode of HToS is tied between Superfest 06 and Bar Plastic Model (with giant Gordian cel.) That episode where Matt went on for a bit about those Alice Club books was pretty good, too. But maybe that was the Superfest 06 ep.

I gotta be "that guy" and ask. . . what were the songs played in this stellar episode of Hot Tears of Shame?

No harm in asking!

Opening: Dana Gillespie - You Just Gotta Know My Mind

Closing: Lulu - Try to Understand

Long time listener, first time commenter.

These podcasts are effin' sweet!! I lived in Tokyo for 2 years and these podcasts make me homesick for Pepper Lunch and izakayas.

Torturous bastards.

Thanks Dave! We like you too. Never been to a Pepper Lunch, so you got one on me!

I admit I zoned out for most of this one, but the music keeps getting better and better.

i swear to god ...i could smell chewing gum as i was listening to this. i too far gone.

add more plants and put out food for them

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