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This proves that magazines in Japan do not operate on the idea of targeting consumers as much as targeting advertisers. As long as host clubs are flush with money and want to sponsor some subtle recruiting magazines, there will be all five titles. No way the market actually needs that many.

And think of it this way: the bad economy is vastly increasing the number of girls who have to take up kyabakura work (or worse). That then creates a bigger need for the host parasite. This makes host clubs rich and need recruitment. A call to the offices of Men's Spider...

Million Shuppan seems to be the biggest offender in the magazine-as-host-recruitment sweepstakes with Men's Knuckle, Host Knuckle, and the really fucked up Boy's Knuckle all coming out of their sausage factory. To be fair, men's egg is more like a "how to be mote" manual that makes no mention of mizushobai.

Another thing here is that the publishing industry is so on the ropes in Japan, that maybe they can't afford to say no to the guy in the white suit with the wad of lootcakes either...

The fellow with an arm load of manga is holding Worst! Someone please get DMP to restart translating the series. I understand their reasons for shifting staff to the profitable BL stuff but I really want more Worst in English.

I used to laugh at those J-guys in the gay-looking suits with furry collars.

Then, when I saw the girls they got, I cried.

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That's not fascinating.

I know I'm late to the party (and I'm sure you've already seen this, Patrick), but I just caught "The Great Happiness Space: Tale of an Osaka Love Thief" recently. Wow...what a depressing movie. The parasitical nature of the host club is disturbing.

I really wanted to like Happiness Space, but it just never seemed to go anywhere. I kept thinking they were going to develop some narrative line (like with the new guy who starts working at the club), or you know DOCUMENT some of the nuts and bolts process of the work, but it was just one jaded soundbite about love/sex/job after another. But yeah, they got Ryoma in there, so that was cool.

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