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Good Lord, Macross didn't even make the cover?


ah well, as long as it sells I guess.

I vote for a picture of Light Yagami in the cockpit of a VF-1 Valkyrie, scribbling away names on his Death Note while shooting off 13 missiles and a Budweiser can.

Steve eat some carrots. It's right there in the lower left under Anime Features!

I hate carrots, I've got new bifocals that are driving me nuts and....oh...yeah, OK, there it is.

Never mind.

Make it bigger next time!

Spotted it at Kinokuniya's manga store in San Francisco over a week ago. Urged the staff to give it a better placement on the rack.

We usually sell out at Kinokuniya, but thanks for the nudge!

They had a few copies of the previous issue, you could not see the title unless you were about ten feet away as it was on a low shelf.

They did tell me they are trying to up their per issue quantity.

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