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Aw, that's kinda sad/scary.
I really hope Harajuku doesn't lose makes it THE Harajuku, because it was that "spirit" that made me fall in love with the place.

And, "HUG session?!"

So cute!!!

Not to mention that some of the local indies are unbeatably cheap...I'll see your $25 H+M blouse and raise you my 15 buck Drea my Minx shift.

I like that crazy US vintage toy stores they have tucked away on Cat Street! But yeah, I kinda hope the H&M in Shibuya flops. 109 4-EVER.

Another U.S. toy store called "Blister" moved FROM Shibuya TO Harajuku. Of course, Harajuku has a bunch of Japanese toy/clothing boutiques like Bounty Hunter, SecretBase and Erostika.

"Kawaii culture can save the world."

Yeesh...I hope not I'd rather die by kawaii than be saved it. If only Hello would wrap her soft paws around my neck....

Nice article, Patrick.

There is another interesting related issue. I know you didn't mention this in your JT article, but on the same weekend that H&M Harajuku opened, the police started enforcing a "permanent ban" on bands playing live, street artists, etc. on the street outside of Yoyogi Park.

Why that is, or whether it was related to the long line of H&M customers that just happened to be in the same general area that the bands usually play, is not clear. However, since the live ban started, Harajuku is not the same.

Check the Japanese blogs for some posts about the sudden and "permanent" live band ban in Harajuku. All of the tourists and locals who show up to watch the bands are now treated to an empty street closely patrolled by several police officers.

One of Harajuku's main tourist attractions, and something that brings creative people to the area every weekend, has gone away. Very sad!

That's truly rotten. Wish that had made it in the article...

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