I'm so jealous... these are my favorite films, especially the second one! If I ever have a son, I will mortify him by styling his hair like Daigoro's. :P

I heard there will be a remake of this film coming soon,starring Viggo Mortensen wondering around America with his son and a cart,fighting against cannibals.
But somehow The Weinstein Company chose to brand the film as "Based on the novel by Cormac McCarthy"
instead of a ripoff from Japanese B-film.....

I should be grateful for these films as I remember my first viewing of the atrocious dubbing but beautiful violence.

I don't know why anyone would want this instead of the original w/subs. I guess theirs a market for it. Not for me though. At least you earned a few lunches with your work. At times, busy is good.

Ok, I bought all of these on VHS. I bought all of these on DVD. Now they change the name and want me to buy them all again? I am weeping tears of frustration...

The tears taste of cheap vodka, for I can no longer afford the good stuff.


Me thinks you are referring to the subtitled release. This is the English re-dub hence the different title.

But then the folks at AnimEigo are cool so hop over to their web site and buy everything you do not own yet. Heck buy extras a gifts for the holidays.

Lone Wolf & Cub, some of the best films, ever. Wakayama is a bad ass.

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