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Great stuff. That racket looks almost the same size as that kid!

Yay, two Microman pages no less! (feels old)

Almost wasn't sure on the second one, but that Matsumoto-ripoff ship is the RCB Noah, and the smaller ship in the bottom right corner is the Idou Kichi aka "Transfer Fortress" or "Battle Cruiser" to Micronaut fans.

The RCB Noah space cruiser was planned as a rather nifty remote-controlled toy but never got released. This page is from the Microman manga by the late Moritou-sensei (he also did the Dougram manga adaptation) where the heroes first meet the "Hoodmen", and off-shoot race of the tiny Microman alien heroes that survived the destruction of their homeworld seperately from the others, their exploration vessel serving as a sort of "space ark".

The first Microman page is an ad just showing off the interchangeability of the toyline, but it includes a rare pic of a prototype for the Arden Robo toy, which was released in white and green, not blue. Cool stuff!

I'm amazed by your vast array of obscure Microman knowledge! Weird that they never made a proper anime since they already had the toys and manga and even the awesome Marvel comic a few years later. The merest mention of the Enigma Force tastes of a cherry Slurpee on a long slow Saturday.

Hey, yeah, I got my first Marvel Micronauts comic at 7-11, come to think!

Heh, well I'm a huge Micro-Nut :D. I co-moderate the Micropolis Embassy Yahoo Group (http://groups.yahoo.com/group/Micropolis_Embassy/ ) which is a haven for fans of both the Japanese Microman stuff and US Micronauts alike.

Best English-language sites for all things Micro are http://www.microforever.com and http://www.innerspaceonline.com run by my friends Paul Lorphanpaibul and Dave Waugh respectively. Lots of great stuff on both sites. :D

Actually, they eventually did do a Microman anime, although it was for the 1999 revival toyline, not the classic 70's series: http://pierrot.jp/english/title/microman.html

Takara did a really great update of the toys for 2 years and Studio Pierrot did the anime for the first year, which was kind of a mix of the old Microman with a very sentai-style format (which at least lent itself to an obvious Gatchaman homage at the series' climax). There were several nods to the original series and even a few to the US Micronauts in places which were fun to discover. That toyline ended when polls from Takara revealed that the toys were mostly being bought by adult collectors rather than kids, so they rebooted the line in late 2003 with more sophisticated figures aimed at older fans. Quanto Magazine ran supplemental material including a new "grown-up" manga in 2005. :)

That last reboot ended early last year, but another revival is being planned for the 35th anniversary of the series this year, if all goes well.

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