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>>'I'm not James Bond, I'm Sean Connery, a man who likes to dress comfortably.'

And this is why Sean Connery is the greatest man.

Did he then punch out the reporter? Well, probably not right then, but later, later, when the glare of the public eye was closed for the night....

That's one of the most amazing quotes ever, and should be on a t-shirt.

While 'You Only Live Twice' is an uneven movie, it has a lot of charm and wit, and I love that fight at the docks. In this day and age of 'shakycam' shots and ADD inducing cutting it's just plain COOl to see a long, long one-take master shot of Bond racing across the roof of the warehouse, beating up about half of Japan. Of COURSE it's a stunt double, you can almost spot the switch but who cares.

Man, that was when movies were BIG, ya know?

I never really got why YOLT was supposed to be a step down from what came before. Ok, you can tell Connery's heart isn't in it 100%, but everything else from the staff is aces, including John Barry, Ken Adam, etc.

That whole last act siege on Blofeld's volcano-launching pad is an absolute eye popping motherfucker on a big screen. Plus...Little Nellie!

Oh, I agree with you, Patrick, esp. with the hideout. That's become the blueprint for 'evil lair' for many, many other films and TV shows. Everybody seemed on the top of their game.

I think what tends to drag YOLT down in some eyes is the mind breaking idea that burly, beefy, hairy Sean Connery can be transformed into a humble Japanese fisherman. It just doesn't scan, no matter how much skin dye and hair removal you engage in.

I'm just glad YOLT didn't come out in today's world. All the bad yaoi fanfic of the BondxTanaka variety simply because of the "Why, I love you Mr. Bond' codeword would make my head s'plode

I guess you mean it wasn't "realistic" or something. I sort of feel that way about the entire Death of James Bond opening. I kept expecting a sumo wrestler to try and take me and Matt would when we went to Osato Chemical.

Oh, I buy everything else in the film, 100%. That SPECTRE is more interested in causing WW III than exploiting the possibilities of owning a functioning, practical Boosted Single-Stage-To-Orbit spacecraft, a REUSABLE one at that. That Bond can get the hang of Ninja training so fast. That Q can get to Japan so fast with his Autogyro. That Bond can karate chop a lap tray of DEATH and survive a plane crash.

I say that in what may seem a mocking way but no, I love it, love it all. But it's just damn hard to get past that "and now we turn you into Japanese" bit.

I want to know how many regulations Osato had to flaunt to get his X-Ray desk made....

It's not a bad movie, but if you've ever read the book it's much better, swinging yakuza clubs, nighttime gambling, much more detail on Tanaka's personal train car and is actually less paternalistic towards Japan. Best of all you get Bond/Blofeld mano a mano in toxic suicide garden--all for the fate of the World!
Badass stuff, could have blended in with Battles Without Honor or Humanity...

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