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i will - and i hope sooner rather than later...

whoa, what's up with them hairy pits? that's justed uncalled for.

When the Man puts a ban on hair-pie proper, you have to take what you can get.

well get me some blindfolds. i just vomitted in my mouth. :)

It wouldn't be the first time someone spazz'd chow in a movie theater in Asakusa!

Great photos, Seagal + Tora-san + Bunta Sugawara + Shintaro Katsu, that's cool!

People are still interested by these 'oldies'? Or it was just a special event?

Anyway, that's quite surprising!

There's about four actual, for real, no-irony grindhouses still showing triple bills on a daily basis in Asakusa to an audience largely made up of drunks, derelicts, and drifters.

When I was taking the pics, one old timer came up to us and sighed, "Ahhh, they're all dead." We had to reassure him that aside from Wakayama and Tora-san, everyone was more or less alive...sort of like him.

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