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Good Lord...I think I just wet 'em!

That Starzinger 'Astro-in-box' set makes me weep hot tears.

And the Takatoku Capt. Harlock toys...yummy. Not perfect, but soooo much better than what Takara did.

All I want for Xmas is that DX Liabe-go.

Forget the Chogokin, I just want that milk-discharging cow!

Alt, you were JUST in WI....you had access to all the milk-discharging cows you wanted!

Holy crap, what a bunch of cool stuff!

I have to ask, can anybody can tell me more about the white robot with the round head in box number 12?

I've had two tiny little toys of that robot since I was just a kid but still have no idea what the the story is behind them. I'd really appreciate it if anyone can help me learn more after all these years!

That's Tonto, a robot from the TV series Message From Space: Galactic Battle. I remember small figures of him were imported to the US back in the day. Dig around on YouTube and you will find some episode odds and ends.

Man oh man. Looking at this makes me think one of the guys from the LA Jungle store is gonna pop quiz me on something at any second.

A big thanks for cluing me in, Patrick! I checked out some YouTube footage and it looks like it was groovy show. I love that theme song!

I vaguely recall buying it a kid, packaged on a plain generic blister card simply called "Space Robot" or something. My sister also bought one that was painted blue. I still have them to this day. Good to finally solve the mystery!

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