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Surprisingly a film i never got to see and it's readily available. i'm an idiot.

With the fall of BCI / Eclipse, the R1 DVD of this is going for less than three bucks on Amazon. That's one buck per Yusaku Matsuda, Sonny Chiba, and Mikio Narita...

That leather bodysuit? Absolutely. People are talking about how in times of recession you have got to tone it down, fashion-wise. I say the opposite, and this suit points the way to go.

Back in 1979, Japan was in the middle of the oil shock / energy crisis. The only thing that saved them was dressing as ostentatiously as possible.

PM - that's a sweet deal. I see that Deep Discount has a dual ROGW / Never Give Up dvd coming out on Feb 3rd for $9. I'll pick that up pronto. (also noted you did some work on these 2 films - I expect top notch journalism!)

For some reason I remember a bit about this film in an issue of Animerica... could just be me.

You might be thinking of Golden Boy!

he's the best the besttttttt and coolest actor for ever

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