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any reason mecha-g is standing backwards with his head turned 180?

Yeah, that's so he can unload on King Seesar using his front-mounted weapons and shoot optically generated lasers at Godzilla from behind. We should all be watching this movie right now!

They don't look too happy to be there. If I'd been there in '74 you couldn't have gotten the smile off my face!

"MechaGoji frantically looked around for any police while he herded the illegal immigrants into the trailer for shipment overseas."

Of course those kids look nonplussed. They can see all the monsters they want for free on TV.

Actually,you couldn't see so much "Godzilla" re-run in Japan as much as you could in the U.S.They were only available in New Year and Summer Vacation times.

You wouldn't be smiling if you had to wear the sweater the girl on the far right had to wear.

Although I'd be running around the set knocking down buildings.

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