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I think I actually have this poster. Chris Hill and I bought a ton of them last year. Great!!

Gimmie dat!

It's funny.. All those posters are printed full color on SUPER thin paper. I was pleasantly surprised when they showed up in such fantastic condition.

I have a fucking killer one with BFJ, Grendizer, Robocon, Akumaizer and some Fujiko Fujio show.. Maybe it was Kaibutsukun. Anyway totally awesome.

On a somewhat related note you should post this. Check it:


I want to go to that place...

Does Toei still do the festivals? Weren't they keyed to the theaters Toei owned?

I can't even imagine a current Toei Anime fest being a tenth as awesome as that right there.

Just to clarify, the Spidey ad does make the cut for 2009/1979 as it came from a Feb 79 Terebi magazine..

Man, you're killing me Patrick. I don't have this one. I may need the programme, though.

@Erik: looking at the poster, I can't help but think of Tatsunoko and Marvel teaming up starting this year.


The closest we have to a return to the Manga Matsuri days are the Sentai/Kamen Rider double features. The Manga Matsuri sort of died out with the 80's if I remember right, making way for the Toei Super Hero Fair that went on until 1995.

I kinda wish Toei would have the balls to return to it. Lord knows, they've got just as many properties now that would rake in the dough.

I went to the Toei theater in Shibuya by myself to see the 2007 Kamen Rider Den-oh/ Gekiranger double feature and it was totally awesome. Someone (not me) may even say it was the height of 21 century tokusatsu-dom thirty years from now.

I would have preferred Dekaranger/Kamen Rider Blade. Any one would be cool, though.

Download the trailers here:

And some screen caps:

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