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This is totally insane. Perhaps stable, friendly male-female relationships are not a hallmark of Oniikei culture.

Personally, I blame it on Shinto.

What is it with the whole gyaru-o, Chrome Hearts "Fuck You" thing? I mean I understand that's it's Engrish and thus they don't care what it means (just how it looks), but why is it so popular? So ridiculous..

They still think it's pretty cool and strong to spout four-letter words.

Well not really, because spouting the equivalent of our four-letter words in Japanese is a big no-no in Japan, even among young people and even for 'bad boy' gyaro-o. The only people who do it are basically chinpiras or similar.

That's why I just don't get the appeal of the whole ongoing "FUCK YOU" fad.

Hey, you could read it any number of ways:

Fuck! [I] Love you. Forever?

I won't go on. Kind of a Joycean perverse polysemy or something of the sort.

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