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OK, fine, nice looking booth bunnies, Tohokushinsha is putting some promotional effort into this yay go team!

But how about some chara pics? Was there ANYTHING?

Gonna be interesting to see them get this out so quickly.

Less babes, more booth! What's on display besides the girls, dammit???

Hey you two homos, you did notice they're hawking Yamato, right? I guess you'd just prefer some moe girls...

I wonder why Statler and Waldorf never made their own Muppet Show?

OK, so I'm gay for Yamato, is that wrong?

I get they're hawking Yamato, duh! It's the Tohokushinsha booth. WHERE'S THE....um...dammit, if I say 'beef' that'll fuel the homo thing...

Actually, I really get a laugh out of the last pic, the action shot of that photog racing to get just one more cutie pic...

Dude, at this point we should get to see more than a couple day players. We're within a year of the FRIGGIN' NEW YAMATO MOVIE. They must have had something to show about the FRIGGIN' NEW YAMATO MOVIE.

Otherwise, why have a booth at all? Just turn the girls loose on the floor to hand out flyers.

Half of Tohoku Shinsha's big ass booth was devoted to Yamato...pachinko that is! No doubts the suits would be happy to talk licensing, but there was nada on supposed "new movie."

I'm getting pukey over Yuki. Those suits are like 10 fer a dollah at the Costco.

After thirty years can Yamato dudes get a choice to spank to something else?
Do they know Yuki wore other clothes in the show??

Nurse Yuki probably got the nurse fetish ball rolling into the Raiders of the Lost Ark Deathtrap it is today.

That sucks planet bombs it was all about the Pachislo games only.

Hey Carol, sincere thanks for your comments. To be real honest, I felt really bad for them once I saw their cheap yellow wellies.

Lots more Yukis (including the nurse variety) were at the rollout party for Yamato 2 pachinko:


Yeah, now that you mention it, those boots are almost transparent,with big white heels.
If they're on their feet from 8-5 in plastic/rubber boots that aren't ventilated at all, those Yukis are going to grow some matango-esque toe fungus.

I hope they just work for the expo and get to spokesmodel at a different pavillion every day.

That's right, I *have* seen the nurses before. Since it's the same company, maybe they'll bring out the Nurse outfits for the public days, or mix and match one of each.

There's nothing wrong with spanking to Yuki ... In her yellow vrew outfit ...



Everyday ... Nothing wrong with THAT at all. Though, the costumes are looking cheaper and cheaper. The Yukis at the Sourcenext typing game rollout were SO much better, AND they had sidearms ... These look like you can pick them up at some Party Plus costume shop (one size fits all) sort of thing.

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