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Whoah. Wacky. Count me in!

What was the name of that film from a few years back that put a bunch of penguins into a straight-up WWII scenario? I only ever saw a trailer for it, but the vibe was very similar to this.

I think this movie is a great sign that Japanese CG houses are moving up in their skill level to match their rivals in the West. Granted the Japanese video game industry has featured some great, cutting edge CG in their intro/endings and cut scenes, but have been really lacking terms of developing mainstream CG movies/effects. Japan's movie industry does not have the financial backing akin to Hollywood.

Because of the limitless possibilities CG, Hollywood directors have been demanding more and more out of their CG animators which in-turns raises the skill level and capabilities of the US CG houses.

Hopefully, more great CG will come out of Japan, maybe even international recognition. I hear HK and other parts of Asia have been getting into the mix also. Technology is relatively cheap these days, so all you need is great ideas and "burning" passion.

Packy's gun jams and he pulls out his side-arm. These animals are pros.
I can't wait for this to come out


This has a big possibility to have some crossover appeal in the US, series name notwithstanding.

1.) It's CGI, not drawn animation. Hollywood currently has this belief that drawn animation no longer has an audience. If Disney scores a hit with The Princess And The Frog this conventional wisdom might be challenged, but until then the belief remains unshaken.

2.) There is just something superkewl about cute fuzzy critters blowing the stuffing out of each other with high-powered weaponry.

3.) This has definite Adult Swim or Comedy Central potential. Sarcastic dub could be awesome, especially if done with decent writers and strong voice talent.

Potential problem: the new villains are not Vietcong cats, but Middle Eastern turbaned camels. At least that's what it seems like from the trailer. Anyone got a translation of the crawl? They might not be the only enemy our lagomorph heroes will face as they make the world safe for democracy, but if they are, this might be even worse than the name for future US release.

Oh yeah: how the HELL did a little Japanese studio completely pwn Lucasfilm? This makes "Clone Wars" look like videogame cutscenes. Sweet.

This has zero chance of coming to the U.S.

Assuming it actually gets made that is. After all, they're soliciting buyers to raise the money to go into production.

It's the title. The title would be an instant turn-off, even for a company that might otherwise repurpose it. Remember, the corporate suits that were walking the hall want safe and sure and TOTALLY ORIGINAL as long as it's just like (blank).

I see no reason why the licensor couldn't just translate the title into something more fitting. ADV did it for the manga, didn't it? And it's not like it never happens in the anime business as long as the titles are not globally recognized brands.

”Vietnam setting would have been safer in terms of international acceptance,but also less topical and tougher to animate"

So we had thought when we saw this animated Penguin version of "The Deer Hunter"in the 80's.

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