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Go Nagai... for a lot of people here in Spain, we know about it from "Mazinger Z", the reason some 30's men and women still like japanese culture...

How delighting the kids who read his manga pissed off the parent Associations.

Does he have any plans to finish his sweeping epic, Mazin Saga?

How does he feel about the future of the Getter Robo franchise with the unfortunate passing of Ken Ishikawa?

Why doesn't Dynamic Pro sell English versions of his manga in the US? Is he aware of the huge demand for his original manga over here?

I'll think of more--you are one lucky guy!

The thing about Uncle Go is that he is a really nice guy, and any questions about his opinion regarding modern Japanese culture will get polite canned answers. If you could get him to admit even the teensiest bit of disapproval of anything going on nowadays, that will be a tremendous victory in itself.

I’d be curious about what manga and anime he’s keeping up with these days, if any.

Aside from the new Shin Mazinger anime, does he have any future revivals planned? Will this latest revival continue on in any other forms besides the recently-announced manga and anime series?

How does he feel about Kotetsushin Jeeg? Was it as well-received as he had hoped? Does he consider it a success?

I kept trying to think of more questions, but I just couldn’t get this idea out of my mind: your mission, if you choose to accept it, is to get Go Nagai to start selling his manga over here. Getter Robo, Devilman, Mazinger Z, Violence Jack, even freaking Gloizer X, this manga simply must be had!! This stuff was immensely ahead of it’s time, way better than its anime adaptations, and holds up really well to a modern-day audience.

His international distribution, anime and manga.

His appearances in movies based on his works.

Raivo Pommer-Eesti
[email protected]


Neun der zehn Manager mit den höchsten Zulagen hätten sich zur Rückzahlung bereit erklärt, von den Top 20 wollten 15 ihre Boni nicht behalten, teilte der New Yorker Staatsanwalt Andrew Cuomo mit. Nach seinen Schätzungen entspricht dies einem Betrag von 50 Millionen Dollar.

Cuomo bedankte sich bei den rückzahlungswilligen Managern für ihre Einsicht. Diese hätten richtig gehandelt und "dem Land gegeben, was es braucht". AIG hatte Anfang März bekanntgegeben, am Ende des vergangenen Jahres den größten Verlust der US-Wirtschaftsgeschichte gemacht zu haben. Das Unternehmen verlor im vierten Quartal 2008 rund 61,7 Milliarden Dollar (rund 49 Milliarden Euro). Für das gesamte vergangene Jahr beläuft sich der Verlust auf knapp 100 Milliarden Dollar.

Laut New York Times flossen nach Worten des New Yorker Generalstaatsanwalts Andrew Cuomo rund 47 Prozent der Prämien an

Die Zeitung hatte zuvor berichtet, vor allem Manager aus der Sparte für Finanzprodukte wollten auf umstrittene Boni in Höhe von 30 Millionen Euro verzichten. Die Sparte gilt als hauptverantwortlich für die hohen Verluste des einstmals weltgrößten Versicherungskonzerns, den die Regierung mit Steuergeldern in Höhe von etwa 180 Milliarden Dollar vor der Pleite bewahrte.

What was the deal with the trade-paperback sized Devilman "The Devil's Incarnation" manga volume Dynamic Pro released in English in 1986?

Gaiking, Toei removing his credit therein. Explain.

Suggest to him that in the next Getter Robo, the demons/monsters/aliens should be normally disguised as maids or cute girls until they explode out from their skin and devour their victims when they're lulled into complacency. The only thing that can root them out is the power of Getter Rays (and also Getter Tomahawk).

"In America, the name and works of Go Nagai are not easily recognized among anime fans compared to the rest of the world. Americans never got to see the original TV series from decades past with which you built your reputation. They have only seen some of the recent remakes. What would you like the name 'Go Nagai' to be remembered for among American anime fans, who generally do not even know the name 'Osamu Tezuka'?"

"The most popular manga worldwide are those belonging to the shonen action/adventure genre. Do you think this genre in its modern form is the legacy of your works such as Devilman and Violence Jack?"

"Much of the worldwide audience for anime and manga is female. Do you consider this audience when creating your characters and stories? If so, how?"

"When can we expect the sequel to Black Lion?"

"There have been multiple new Getter Robo anime titles released over the last decade, as well as new Mazinger Z anime, Jeeg, Gaiking, and such. Are there any plans to bring back or upgrade Grendizer?"

"Will we ever see Mazinkaiser, Shin Getter, and possibly Grendizer team up together, or must this forever be a videogame scenario?"

"Do you have any plans to do any more gag comedies?"

1. What's WRONG with you?

2. What was missing from the culture of Japan that you wanted to fill in with your stories?

3. What is missing from anime or manga today that you would like to see?

4. What is your feeling about the Super Robot compared with the Real Robot?

5. Did any of the negative reaction to your work ever cause you to reconsider your approach? Or did it make you more determined to keep going?

6. When your work went to TV anime, there were many compromises made. Can you describe how this process went?

7. Which anime or movie version of your work was the most different from the original concept? Which was the closest?

8. Is there an anime or manga creator today who you feel closely follows the spirit of your work?

9. If one of your manga could be adapted for anime with no changes at all, which would you like to see?

10. Seriously, what's WRONG with you?

Nagai is just assuaging our collective curiosity.

Honestly, if you've never thought about what a monster with a tongue that has 8 breasts on it looks like, I'm forced to ask: what's wrong with YOU, Tim Eldred?

What does it feel like to kiss a woman?

"With an CG Astro Boy film to be released later this year, what do you think of the possibility of CG adaptations of your stories aimed at a mainstream American audience?"

Seems like all bases have been covered. All I'd want to ask is what he really thought of the 2004 live-action Devilman movie.

If there was one manga or anime he could remake in his style, what would it be?

"I read somewhere that you got the idea for Getter Robo during a 3 way car crash. Is this true?"

"Which of your characters do you relate to the most? If any?"

"Do you feel that shounen manga is becoming less violent these days? If so do you think this is a good thing?"

We all know why Nagai does what he does. He's Devilman. He's captured a demon in his body.

I'd like to know about the seeming breakup between him and Toei, which might be related to the whole Gaiking thing.

Be careful what you ask for, Patrick!

Please let him know there is a severe need for more wrestler heroes ala Astekaizer and Juushin Liger....

1. Of the recent adaptations/re-envisionings of your works since the mid-90s (Shin Getter Armageddon, Koutetsushin Jeeg, Re: Cutie-Honey, etc), which is your favorite and why?

2. Having been in the industry for so many decades, how do you feel your own artistic style has changed?

3. In what ways do you feel the portrayal of fanservice has changed, for better or worse, since your days of drawing Cutie Honey and other such works?

Boxers or briefs?

Where do you see yourself in 5 years?

If you were a tree, what kind of tree would you be?

We'll never hear from Patrick again. Bucket of Paint demon got him.

when are we going to see a Grendizer sequel? this is not fair that all the other ones are getting a sequel but grendizer isnt... Go Nagai please dont forget about Grendizer fans

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