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Hey Julian!

I confess I never read the ADV manga of Meow. Must borrow from Jason Thompson now. The preview they had on repeat was insane and looked like Call of Duty 4 gone horribly wrong.

I'll be sure to post the YouTube version of the Cat Shit preview when it goes up again, (hopefully soon). Seems one was posted before by the animation studio itself, but they took it down probably because it was too awesome.

Julian, may I bother you for some more words re: CS1's awesomeness?

Honestly, I found the concept way more interesting than the execution, which wasn't lacking satisfactorily 'real' jargon (like CoD4, oho), but the plot, dialog and characters were pretty flat.
I dunno, maybe I missed something? If it was all just about "In these days when people have become too used to seeing people die in movies, we wish to use cute animals as the characters to give viewers a stronger feeling of the misery of the wars that are taking place in this world", well, that seems kind of half-baked to me, trite even. Help me out, man.

My housemate believes that C-S-1's cute little animals fighting horrible wars schtick is of a piece with Norakuro-kun, so here's this:


"Cat Shit One"? I see the Japanese's single-minded goal of slaughtering the English language soldiers on, unflinchingly. Not to mention, they picked the worst-smelling thing on earth to do it with this time.

I wonder if it has something to do with a resentment that stems from their inability to learn the English language as easily as their Asian neighbors? Kind of like, "Well if we can't learn English the right way, we're just going to [cat] shit on it as much as possible instead."

Joke you can see coming from a mile away. . . .

Those camels are sporting the ultra sexy "people toe".

I've tried getting into CS1, but I keep waiting for a cat character to show up. I have yet to know where all the cat shit is coming from.

Maybe the Cat Shit is in my mind??
Or maybe it's Sour Puss from the old mighty mouse cartoons. . . . .

Here's the serie's first trailer: http://blog.affenheimtheater.de/en/2009/03/23/cat-shit-one-apocalypse-meow-trailer/

There is actually a QUITE FUNNY REASON WHY the Americans are rabbits in the Cat Shit One series. The Japanese word for rabbit is “うさぎ” which can be romanized as “USAGI.” Do you see where this is going? Yes. USA + GI = USAGI. I’m gonna assume that all of you can figure out what USA and GI stands for.

Anyway, I was actually very surprised at this video’s attention to detail, and I can see some hardcore Japanese gun-nuts are working on this one. The movements of the rabbits actually look very tactical, and the transition drill(switching to one’s sidearm and firing in case the primary is not operational) looks well done.

Which is hysterical. I mean, these are rabbits, armed with top-notch military hardware and looking well-trained and well disciplined. Rabbits!!!

"on a par with those by PIXAR" ??
let me guess..you don't have any experience in the industry, only write about it in layman's terms.... get a grip on reality....it's not bad..but it's no where close to PIXAR quality....i should know..

"'Cat Shit One'? I see the Japanese's single-minded goal of slaughtering the English language soldiers on, unflinchingly."

It's actually a play on a nickname for West Point lowerclassmen, "Dog Shit One".

For the record, I didn't write up any of the Cat Shit One copy myself, but just transcribed the English language materials they had to promote the series at TAF. But yeah, I've hated / been bored by every single Pixar thing ever, but I guess that's just me.

well for me when i saw the trailer.. f*ck.. i really was impressed with their animation/graphics, movement/transitions and mostly their gears..really accurate to the real gear in the real world, damn i'll wait for this to be released!

First full episode (dubbed) is up on YouTube:


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