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Damn that chick is smokin' hot. Yamamoto pachiwhatnow?

I sense great anger in you, young Macias...this is not the path, you must release this senseless aggression...or some s**t like that.

See, the booth bunnies are fine and all, but you know I ain't got the 'yellow fever' (GASP! how un-PC! Steve is even more evil!) except for Etsuko Shihomi, and I would soooo...well..ahem. anyway. So fair enough, those gals might turn me, if you got me drunk enough.

It's about the KNOWING, my brother. I GOTS TO KNOW because my time on Earth is so short.

And Tim and I wouldn't fight over those illos, we're civilized men. We'd fight over that big, thrown together at the last minute banner. Like the two mutant babies in 'Nostradamus'

Tim, the Yamamoto Pachislot game is all about the celebration of the WW II Admiral. Hit the big win and he mutters something about waking a giant or some nonsense....

and I have very sound business plans. YOU DON'T LIKE MY FRIED RICE? IT'S VERY GOOD RICE!

check this.

Oh yeah, not a doubt about it, the cutscenes and stuff for the Yamato 2 pachislot are made from 100% pure awesome. I think I would hate for that look to be intercut with 2-D digicel character animation, however.

I'm not a big fan of the Battlestar Galactica 'real life shakycam' style of shooting effects but boy, it sure pops hot with the Yamato stuff. But then I think of the attack on the Dark Nebula 'mobile island base' in Be Forever Yamato and I see the same frantic energy, helped muchly by Miyagawa's score, so yeah. yeah. I can dig it.

I would DE-BANNER the signage as well ... I probably wouldn't deface it with my bodily fluids (like, maybe, some others), but I'd give it a good home. And Tim, she's only 'cute', I don't think she measures up to 'smoking hot' ... Unless you're talking about herbal cigerettes.

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