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My chrome is shining just like an icicle,
I ride around town on my Yamato bicycle!

Yes, absolutely. This bike + bike rap has to happen. You could totally put speakers on the rack in the back. You could replace the light on the front with a hyperwhite.

Bigger question: 26,000 yen in 1979? Holy shit! What does that even equal in today's yen?


That's like some Scarface level shit right there.

One day, I WILL own one of these bikes. I don't care that I can't ride it, being a giant Gaijin instead of an 8 year old Japanese boy, I don't CARE, I want one, I will own one, someday.

Maybe 2, so I can transfer the Yamato specific accessories to an adult bike.

Well, on one hand, the Yamato accessories DO have a pretty significant cool factor. But on the other, larger hand, they're all attached to a girl's bike frame.

Point of order:

Japanese children bikes are all like that, so they're unisex. It's cheaper and more efficient for the manufacturer in that way.

That bike is 100% manly.

You know, if somebody got the wacky idea to custom build this...

See way more bike pics here, plus unused artwork for the female version:


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