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I used to get made fun of for playing this game because it was so shitty. But man, I loved zipping around the hexagonal map and going into the stages to punch maser cannons and get crapped on by Mothra.

I played a lot of this game as well, along with that just-as-whacky NES/Famicom outing Godzilla 2. If you needed a strategy guide for either, you were probably missing a few chromosomes.

And yet I want to know more about "DINO-RIKI" (as advertised on that hott cover).

Who would make fun of you for playing a game in which Baragon shakes his head and looks at you quizzically like a big dog? A game that stars both the Gohten and the Atragon in supporting roles? That game was so much fun. Well, okay, the gameplay was tedious sometimes, but this is the NES we're talking about.

In Godzilla 2 you were the humans and had to fight the Kilaak invasion (done via giant monster mind control, of course) with tanks, mazers, the Super X and the Moonlight SY-3. Damn, wanna play it now.

Seek and ye shall recieve. This site has a ROM of the game that can be played in a browser window...


r u playing now?

Ok, I went to that Flash site and that's actually NOT Godzilla 2 War of the Monsters as the URL would seem to imply. It's the 1994 original game that Joey Cocoa and Captain Dave are talking about. But that's hardly a complaint!

From Planet X to the cameo from Gezora, it's almost as if Godzilla Final Wars was the official movie adaptation.

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