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It's sorta sad to hear someone say that 'cool Japan' culture is fading away, especially when I'm so close to to my own first trip to Japan.
I don't see magazines like Nylon getting into the gyaru thing--it's not 'hip' enough, it's the opposite of Nylon represents (In my opinion).
Personally, while I do find gal culture to be fascinating in a way, I can't see myself participating in it. And I have a hard time seeing other girls my age, at least the ones I know, getting into as well.

Anyway, I enjoyed listening to your chat, and I look forward to the next one! I'll have to listen to this one again when I'm not distracted by homework (and then I can better pick up all the names of the things you guys mentioned that I didn't recognize).

"Cool Japan" will always exist as long as this URL is still up. See how many "cool" things you can spot in it!


You mean the giant golden poo? :3

No, that was a nice video. I know I'll go and it'll be fucking amazing. :) I've got lots of things planned (that'll hopefully work out), and I'm super excited.

Yes, PLEASE do not be one of those twenty- or thirty-something year old white gyaru or lolitas I used to see walking around Osaka on occasion. Not cool. Especially when there really aren't any Japanese gyaru or lolita at that age anyway, since they usually shift into "onei-kei" by that time (a more mature, subdued form of slutty). I'm not sure what the lolitas do when they get older.

However, I will say that I knew one teenage American white girl who used to dress like a Japanese school-kogyaru (high uniform skirt, slouchy socks, etc.) and pulled it off very nicely.

RE: Your conversation: It's interesting, I also got the vibe that the current crop of gyaru (and gyaru-o, etc.) essentially consist of Japan's version of white trash. I was continuously amazed at the percentage of gyaru I would meet in Osaka (which seemed to me to actually be more gyaru-laden than Tokyo) that were high school dropouts from country towns.

When I would travel back to my gyaru girlfriend's country hometown in the sticks of Kyoto, I used to encounter the flipside of the culture, which consisted of the same blue-collar, early-marrying, yanqui-sodachi people you described.

Anyway, interesting take, and accurate at that.

Both fascinating and depressing as hell. Thanks.

Being a big fan of gyaru and oniikei culture (read: trash), I'm much less depressed about the state of things and where they are headed than...some people? Still, it would be nice to see the fucking economy get back on track. That tonkatsu was fatty and didn't even come with a lemon on the side.

I've read Roland Kelts's Japanamerica, a while back I was doing some research on Studio 4c and stumbled across Japanamerica which had quite a number of color pages featuring artwork from Studio 4c works, as well as some great comments from Eiko Tanaka the head honcho at the studio. I usually don't go for these types of books, but I read it cover to cover and really enjoyed it.

I've also been following your career for a while. So I got really excited when I saw this podcast, two of my favorite commentators on Japense Pop culture getting together. But man... did I have trouble following this converstation!

This is actually the third conversation that Marxy and I have put up over the last year or so. Of the lot, this Tonkatsu one is probably the most impenetrable owing to all the talk about magazines for freaky girls. But your millage may vary.

The other recordings can be found at:


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