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Any chance of either of your books being released in English?

Congratulations, I suppose?
I think that's pretty neat.

And, I just read that intro. It was really good! I think you introduced the American-otaku mood quite well.

For me, I think the first anime I watched was this old VHS tape called something like, "Serendipity - the Pink Dinosaur." I watched it a lot when I was little (like elementary school), and my mom thought it was weird because their mouths didn't move.
I didn't 'consciously' become a geek until I was 16 or so, when I started playing Kingdom Hearts (and video games in general) and discovered who Utada Hikaru was.

Great read. I was wondering around Nakano Broadway last Wednesday and took notice of the race car themed cafe. It has etched glass panels above the booths with various cars on them. I remember saying aloud "what the fuck..."

I read that intro, too. A fantastic read, thank you! I may need to go out and get your book!

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