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Oh god, thank you patrick, I've been looking for this song for like forever! I love crystal king. any chance you're ever gonna up Furare Kibun de Rock&Roll by TOMCAT? Where did you get this by the way? do you own the record?

I have the 'My Recommended' CD as pictured above, but the only song that sticks out on it (to my ears, anyways) is Daitokai. It also pops up on some TV cop theme collections. The TOMCAT track escapes me sadly, but the YouTube version will do for now...


Man, I really wanna buy stuff like this, is Japan pretty much the only place to get them? or can I get them online? Also, didn't one of these guys sing the Kamen Rider Kuuga theme song?

Their best song:


Here's the same song in english.

Sorry, forgot link http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=NVoKRf4nMNs&feature=related

If we are going to go all "Desert Island Discs" on CRYSTALKING, I'm taking the Hokuto no Ken theme with me. My soul burns in a different way every time I hear it.

That Yuria ending theme is awesome too. Personally I think is surpasses Opening theme.

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