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man i know it's easy to :roll: :roll: :roll: at this gyaru stuff, but i'm unreasonably excited to see how it'll have evolved and fragmented in even a few design generations' time

Thanks for the comment. This stuff comes via SUPER LOVERS, which is more of a girl's punk-kawaii-KERA magazine kinda brand. But it would take serious balls (or a serious lack thereof) to make that Creamy bag work for a guy, even with a lot of Shibuya Night Fever on your side.

pat i refuse to believe centre guys lack balls, how could you

superlovers they were the crew with the panda mascots, hearts in superman diamonds, lots of teal and red, ska-lite flourishes yeah? (thinking back to my london days here, they had a store on neal street i think)

yeah, that's SUPER LOVERS. i remember first seeing their stuff around at Alta in Shinjuku like 7-8 years ago. I did not know they ever had a store in London. cool.

First we lick, and then we riot.

In my Evil Kneivel lick-riot windbreaker..

Lick & Riot? Sounds like it could be fun.

So it comes from Super Lovers? That's surprising. The concept statement=hilarious.


Tellin' it like it is.

Creamy Men's Sports Bag...wow...I don't even know where to begin...

Gah. Izumi just did the footwork and confirmed that Super Lovers is *actually not* involved with these "Super Lovers" goods....even though half the items say 'Super Lovers' on them. I stand corrected, eat crow, etc.

The model shown in the first and third picture appears at various men's egg hair and street snap sessions. Now he seems he is getting jobs modeling. I can't help but wonder if someone in the gal circle saw the gay porn movie "Shibuya Love Shuffle", he is one of the picks. And probably a lot of his friends, because those kind of movies are often themed [tanned boys, gyaru-o, shibuya scoop]... Interesting, despite those bikini girls sessions and men's egg CORE publication. Well, the Vuitton must be paid, and if there isn't enough money...

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