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And these are the shows we'll never see on DVD in the US....*sigh*

yeah yeah blah blah streaming this and download that. screw that noise.

I want shiny discs and colorful boxes that don't cost a year's pay.

Someone just Google searched for "Candy Candy" LOLICON, so there's always hope for the future.

OMG TELL ME ABOUT IT, it'd be so nice if for once we don't hafta get things on the tail end. I mean, that's the reason why we're always pirating crap anyways. Well, I guess when I think about it, that's barely true, since anime lovers buy every single thing they can get their hands on. I mean, Japan would make a KILLING if they would send stuff over here simultaneously lol. Idk why they don't. Don't you think they could triple their earnings...?...Mmm who knows. Nice post though :)

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Just realized.Five out of three program on the poster belongs to Matsumoto Leiji franchise.Soooo 1979.

You know, just seeing that makes me smile.

Thanks for the bright spot in my day.

Whoah! That just made me super happy when I looked at it. Super happy!

I recognized everyone in this picture except the redheaded fellow in the center. I'm not certain wether this makes me awesome or lame...

The redheaded fellow in the center is Captain Future. When I was very little, there was a toy set which included his spaceship/crew at a toy shop in Japan Town that I wanted for many years.

Matt, I still covet all your toys.

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