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Why am I in college??? When I could be staying up late and hanging with random women, and drinking every minute,Oh wait, that is college..but without the flashy hairstyling and somebody actually cleaning up the puke.

Are these images of your birthday party at the host club, or of the person whose image has been censored in the fourth picture?

These are pics taken from various birthday parties chronicled at Glittër homepage.

Some birthday gift -- an Anpanman toy guitar. xD


Thought you might be interested in this article on hostessing in Japan.

Saw that. Not a lot of news there. Others (OK, Marxy, mainly) have pointed out concerns about the lack of information about the customers themselves and how the trend is connected to larger issues of class and economic decline in areas outside of Tokyo. Hardly a banner week for Japan reportage at the NYT, but hey, that's show biz.

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