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Making fun of gals = fine, even if I disagree.

Making fun of a dead person ("Please pour some Shu Umemura Skin Purifier on the curbs of 109 in her memory...") = gross.

Have even a smidge of respect for someone else's life.

Sorry if you are too thick to like GET IT. I am not making fun of her. I am not even making fun of gals. Why would I even bother to post about this kind of stuff when I could just type "HAHA Weird! japan technology"? And since we're being hasty and judgmental, it must be hard being you.

Dude, that's terrible. Do they have any idea how she got the brain hemorrhage?

She had been complaining of headaches on her blog a few days before it happened. Aside from that, no one knows anything. V-sad.

Damn, so young and pretty to go down unexpectedly. My condolences to her family, man.

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