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If this was the plot outline of twilight, we'd have a hit on our hands.

When will the world's second Sonny Chiba be born already?

Well, I mean Jean Claude was kind of Sonny Chiba, he also did gymnastics and karate but his roles weren't as cool. I don't think our era will birth another man as awesome as The Chiba

You were right, this movie looks like a "rob-an-old-lady" to get it kind of film. This should have definitely taken precedence over things like "Bullet Train" and "GI Samurai".

ps. no more super long noob matches. fun for a minute not 30 (foghorn).

I've only ever heard about this legendary film. Thanks for the pics!
Now, why-o-why hasn't it been released yet?

The home video market for Sonny Chiba movies isn't as active as it once was. Pick up the now out of print BCI Chiba discs if you can. Great movies and killer quality.

I have quite a few of the BCI discs. Great stuff. I'm just surprised that a film as wild (apparently) as Wolfguy - Enraged Wolfman (or Sue Shihomi's Maki's 13 Steps for that matter) would continue to be so obscure. A real headscratcher to me. Hopefully one day, it'll get released. It just looks too cool.

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