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I don't remember Kumi Mizuno ever being a woman of color...

Yeah, she just had shoe polish on her face like all the other "natives" in the film.

Love that 7-digit Tokyo phone number. Also check that it's not even 株式会社。 It's something pre-KK.

1966 was a long time ago baby

Ultra Q Garamon vinyl!!! I went drinking with that guy a year or two back!


it didnt cost no 350 yen neither. how much is a vintage Garamon worth nowadays?

It is 株式会社. Dumbass

A lot. The very first ones, with a separately-molded tail, currently run a cool one million yen ($10,000) or so. Other variations (like the one I went partying with) are anywhere from $500 to a couple of thousand.

The style of the Mothra page reminds me of Mad Magazine alumni Don Martin.

I'd like to see someone republish this in artbook format like the recent Bat-Manga!, ads and all.

Damn, that looks like even more fun then the actual movie.

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