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I first heard of this show thanks to you and retired Monkey King Mike Dent. There were a few episodes on Youtube, but since nothing has subtitles you have to just watch it raw and comprehend the storyline by way of the explosions, car chases, and all the other things that used to be commonplace in cop dramas that are now almost all gone.

I still wish I could find a video of the scene described to me where the one guy runs into a burning building to save a kid, but the entire building collapses on him, thus causing everyone to weep...UNTIL! They see him standing there within the rubble, kid in arms and cigarette in mouth. As the cop from Paprika would say, I AM JUSTICE.

Look how current the sunglasses are! Oh.

Actually, except for the bucket hat on the older guy, you can probably buy all this stuff at United Arrows, right now.

PS that New People opening was awesome, what was not awesome was that during the Omodaka show when he told everybody to stand up, and my buddy and I were the only assholes who actually did.

Thanks for the big action!

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