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But was anyone actually buying? Or was it a whole lot of "Ohh, that's nice YIKES how much? MMM, I'd like that but...wait..I can't find my size..." and such like?

Was there REALLY a need to re-invent the Metreon? (or however that was spelled, why not just call it "Sony mini mall" and be done?)

Clearly being in the wilds of Michigan I have not one dog in this hunt, I hope the Viz head honcho managed to impress his Japanese overseers.

(and it's telling the project was green lit in 2004, the peak of the bubble)

The reviews from the locals (Fred Schodt and Dana Lewis to name two) and the Lolitas have been largely positive. But yeah, not much there for old Yamato fans. I doubt you ever went to the Meteron, and neither did Amano, but even so, when was the last time you ever ventured out of Michigan?

AHHH HAHAHAHAHA last time I got out of Michigan...well, let's see...there was AWA '99, that was fun, then there was my 24 hours of agony at A-Cen in, I want to say '04, where I drove EARLY EARLY in the AM to meet people, failed, finally got my badge, met more folks, my anticipated crash space vanished, then had a freak-out of massive proportions and drove 4 hours home, risking going off the road every minute due to my chronic fatigue being on overdrive. I was LUCKY to survive that trip, brother, lucky. Someone was watching out for me.

ah well, someday I'll be able to do things again.

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