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Shit, just what I always wanted--Blue Noah sandals.

I love those Perfect Memorial books, but man, weak ass glue on the spines. Then again, I don't suppose they were MEANT to last 30 years, huh?

I need that. there's hardly anything published on Blue Noah, and I've been somewhat obsessed with it ever since I borrowed Tim's home burned DVDs. It's not a very good show but it has SOMETHING, damned if I know what.

Ah, well.

Useless trivia: Nomura Toy Co. was the main licensor of Blue Noah stuff; they took that on right after Yamato. The pistol came out as a Yamato toy before it got renamed for BN. Just about everything else they did was a direct descendent of a Yamato item. But then, unfortunately, BN tanked. I have to wonder if Nomura survived...

By the way, the THUNDERSUB dub of BN is being released as a DVD box set at the end of this month, internet only:


Tim, that Thundersub set is bootleg, and edited for content that may be considered offensive to Muslims. No joke.

Nomura Toy lived on into the '80s, importing mostly stuff from Remco, a old name in the US that died out.

The repurposed Cosmogun had an 'upgrade' for Blue Noah, a clip on missile launcher that really shot missiles. It didn't make the gun look any more like the ones used in the show. :)

I used to have one of those Blue Noah book.
One thing that got me was there were two gaijin clue members on Blue Noah.(One Italian cook on the sub "Shiira" named Jacovetti,probably named after the Italian exploitation doc director and a blond combat officer named Domenico of the gunship "Bison")Somehow both died on the eve of BN launched to the space.Probably the producer thinks it's time for Japanese only as the story comes to an end.

>>I have to wonder if Nomura survived...

They limped along until 1992, at which point they were purchased by Hasbro and re-named "Hasbro Japan." They kept that up for a few years before being acquired by Tomy.

Speaking of which, we need to update the ToyboxDX Datafile on the subject:


(Man, I need that DX Bluenoah...)

Jacovetti and Domenico? Whew. For a second, I thought you were going to tell me one was named "Mr. James."

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