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Here's the deal with that auction (it's actually NOVEMBER 13-14) of vintage Japanese robot toys:


I am not a big Sofubi fan but I just found out that a company is doing stuff from 'The Last Dinosaur' and holy shit I want that crap.

Loved that movie, back when it ran on ABC. Richard Boone, super bad ASS. Why don't they make TV movies like that anymore?

"Toy Robot Museum"?

What am I doing on the 13th....?

I know this has nothing to do with anything, but could you tell me what is the name of the band and the song at the beginning of the podcast?

That would be Outrageous Cherry, aka Detroit's finest and my favorite band in the world.


They're great. I just went and bought the Supernatural Equinox album. Thanks for introducing me to them.

I agree with the guy that is talking about moe as an escape. Youth in Japan are in a 'place' where they have huge amounts of responsibility with out any authority. Escaping with entertainment that will allow them to pretend to escape the responsibility is a relatively pleasant way to relieve the dissonance. Good discussion.

Nice intro and outro music! I'm gonna look them up...

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