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Been listening to this podcast, alot of great information in it I didnt know that (except for the uk crowd) anyone outside of Japan knew Bape that early.
I saw a picture of Notorious B.I.G in the Bape Book though I think he was the first us musicians or one of the first wearing A Bathing Ape (for a photoshoot at least).
I only like the designs by Bape that dont look like typical Bape the ursus spinoff brand has some nice t-shirts but terrible lookbooks/photoshoots.

we have a similar scene going on in Berlin right now at least for the startup/DIY vibe.

first: thanks for all the great info. i read all the mekas articles and was hoping since to find something of similiar focus.

regarding the re-selfinvention of the nigo there is a documentary from ch8y25 or something from 2003, where they follow him on on his journey from 1ldk up to the bape sanctuary full of AAA memorabilia. there is not one shot of his shibuya kei buddy holly glasses days

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